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$599.99 OBO

$199.99 OBO

$199.99 OBO

Engenius 802.11n Dual Radio Concurrent Access Point

(Complete Kit) - New in Original Packaging

  • High transmit power for greater coverage

  • Two independent radios (802.11a/n & 802.11b/g/n)

  • High speed data rate up to 300Mbps per radio

  • External connectors for antenna upgrade

  • IP68 rated enclosure, great for harsh environments

  • Supports multiple SSID, VLAN tagging, SNMP

  • Upgradable with 2.4/5GHz N-type antennas

$30 OBO

Backup Alarm


$124.99 - SPOT Gen 3

$150 OBO

Topaz Systems Electronic T-S460-HSB Signature Pad - all new in packaging

$99.99 OBO

Dual-band cellular booster. 

Comes with: Cigarette lighter power, magnetic mount antenna, internal pad antenna.

$50 OBO

Lumicast LED Open Sign - toggle switch control on power cable, does not have remote control

$75 OBO - Microhard LTE Modem

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