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December 26th: CLOSED
December 27th: CLOSED
December 28th: 8 AM to 5 PM
December 29th: 8 AM to 5 PM
December 30th: CLOSED
January 2nd, 2017: CLOSED

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause 
but hope that you have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Visited Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. and donated to their cause. For those who are not aware yet, Titanium is hosting BBQs around Lloydminster to raise money and supplies for those affected by the Fort McMurray fires. Please contribute to making someone's day just a little easier in these times. Thank you Titanium. Thank you‪ #‎lloydstougher‬ #AlbertaStrong

Congratulations to Glen Popowich, the winner of our Easter Basket Giveaway! Thank you everyone who called in or came down to visit us for this contest!

Happy Easter everyone!

Congratulations to Corey Wildeman, the winner of our Facebook iPad mini Giveaway! Thank you everyone who liked or shared our page! We appreciate your support!

Please stay tuned for future contests and features!


It has come to our attention that some of our customers are receiving phishing messages through their cellular device's browser. If you see any pop-up windows or superimposed links on your browser window, DO NOT click through any of the links or input any payment information! Immediately close your browser window, open your device's settings, and clear all search and cookie history from your browser application (Safari, Chrome, Internet, Firefox,etc). This will remove all previous data stored in the browser, thereby clearing the threat from your device.


On January 30, 2016, TELUS will discontinue the Mike service and the iDEN network will shut down. To ensure Mike customers do not experience a service disruption, they need to migrate to a PCS account and upgrade to 4G mobile device(s) before this date. Offers have been loaded to applicable accounts to facilitate the migration. 

MiKE customers who do not migrate to PCS can expect the following on January 30, 2016:

- They may notice coverage indicators on their Mike device for several days, but they will not be able to make or receive Interconnect or Direct Connect calls or access iDEN data services

They will not be able to retrieve any stored voicemails. Customers are advised to retrieve any saved voicemails prior to this date. 

- Inbound callers will receive a number not in service message.

- There will be a 90 day period in which clients may port their number before it will be released (cancelled).

Continuing a spirit of giving...

Thank you to The Olive Tree for their continued community involvement, we truly appreciate how they are dedicated to helping those in need in the Lloydminster and surrounding area. As a show of our appreciation, 

Northwind Radio held a community food drive to contribute our part to 

their great cause. 

We give where we live...

As part of our ongoing commitment to our community, Northwind Radio took the TELUS Care-a-van campaign to the next level and made a personal donation to the Battle River Ranch Camp as thanks for their involvement in our Customer Appreciation BBQ, as well as their incredible work in our community and in the lives of those in need in the Lloydminster and surrounding area. 

Optik TV and Internet is becoming more widely available across Lloydminster! 

Come in and see us today to find out if you are eligible for these fantastic new services and great prices!

Now offering Apple device repairs!
Come in or give us a call today for more details!

VERY Competitive Pricing!